Best 2 Ways to Communicate and Build Relationship With Your Customers

When a prospect becomes a customer by purchasing from you, that person should be in your database and contacted repeatedly over time. Unless they ask you to stop contacting them. If the way you contact them is right, then they won’t ask you to stop contacting them.

Send them coupons, deals for past customers only, and other items of interest to them. Here’s just one example. If you own a retail clothing store and you just got in a fancy (whatever) , you might contact all of the women who purchased shoes in the past two years and let them know this might be a match for them.

If you are having difficulty with this tip, then let me know what business you are in and myself and the other subscribers could help you with it.

Now, here are the two best ways to communicate and build relationship with your customers…

1. Acknowledging your customer’s birthday

All of you have already created a database of your customers so you do have their birthdays.  But here’s an idea that you can use for your social networking group, be in Facebook or other ones that you are on.

Almost everyone I know loves to have their birthday recognized.

Facebook makes it very easy for you to see, track, and remember all the birthdays of your entire community. In fact, there is a new feature that I just found out about, where you can receive a weekly email notification of all upcoming birthdays.

Here’s how. Go to your settings and click on Account Settings. Click the tab for Notifications and then click Show More under the first section. Then, set the button for on next to “Has a birthday coming up.” 

Or you can click in the here button for notifications.

This might seem confusing, but Facebook will help you accomplish this.  

I recommend setting up a systematic approach to sending out your birthday wishes. You can set aside a certain time each day in your calendar to log into Facebook and write on the walls of friends with birthdays that day. This shows that you care and create visibility for yourself.

Be creative with your greetings. They will mean a lot to your followers.

I would love to hear some comments about additional ways you have found to use social media networking.

2. Sending a card to your customer

Can you imagine what your social media followers would think if you sent them a card in the mail?

In our predominantly digital world, how much you could stand out by taking a few moments to select a special greeting card and send it to your “peeps” via snail mail. There is a company that I highly recommend to do this. It’s  

It is a wonderful automated system. For just about $1, which includes postage, you can create and send out a greeting card via snail mail. You could also send out gifts if you want.  

With SendoutCards, you can do annual campaigns, upload birthdays and anniversaries, and send to groups of people or all of your contacts.  

Here’s an idea. Take a photo with someone well-known, and then send that person a greeting card with the picture on the front. Or take a picture holding your favorite book or informational product and send a card with that picture on the front to the author or writer of the informational product. Make sure you put in a note thanking them. You can even upload your own handwriting.  

The possibilities are endless.

Those of you who have virtual assistants (VA) can streamline these two processes.

If you test this let me know your results.

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