Marketing VS. Selling

Which is more important? Marketing or selling?

Whenever I do a seminar, or when you look at the questions I receive from my subscribers, there’s most often the question of what is more important, selling or marketing?

I receive statements such as, “I’ve been going to various seminars, reading many books, and as a result, I’ve been collecting marketing ideas over the years.  I also have a stack of promising leads that I’ve accumulated over a period of time thru networking at my local Chamber of Commerce, Direct Mail, and Advertising.”

“I realize how important it is to continue networking, but then I create more and more leads. 

How should I prioritize all of the leads and marketing ideas I’ve accumulated?”

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

If so, you might have lost sight of a very important truth. The way to win in the marketing game is not to collect the most leads.  It’s to make the most sales.  Without sales, marketing is just another exercise.

Marketing that increases your number of sales is very good, and activities and things you do that don’t result in sales aren’t good, even if they bring in plenty of leads.  

If you don’t follow up immediately on the leads you gather, you are just wasting your time and money.

The primary purpose of all marketing strategies like writing articles, networking, advertising, public speaking, etc., is to gain visibility and credibility.

Ask yourself this question: “Why do you want to be visible and credible?”

It’s not because you want people to know who you are and what you do.  It is so they will do business with you.

Use this rule. Follow up on hot or even warm client leads immediately. Customer leads are always more important than marketing for more visibility. They result in profits.

When you have promising leads that could result in customers or clients that you aren’t contacting, then the follow-up stage is definitely stuck somewhere.  Gather your stack of leads and sort them into three categories.  Prospective clients, useful networking contacts, and others.

Then sort them into groups of Hot, Warm, and Cold. Stop here and follow up with the Hot and Warm leads.

Action is the most important part of this exercise. I see many individuals who sit on qualified leads and never turn them into sales. Don’t be one of them.

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