Building Your Brand: How to (Efficiently) Introduce Yourself

It’s been a while since I blogged about building your brand. Since then, I have received many private emails from members, mentioning their occupation and asking me to come up with a phrase to brand themselves.  

This is so very important to anyone who networks or meets prospects that they want as customers.

So I’m going to list some of those occupations with what I feel they should introduce themselves as, and my hope is that other members will expound on what I’ve written and come up with ideas of their own.  

Since there are many different occupations, I would hope we can come up with quite a few examples…

A Dentist: “Love Connector Specialist” – Since a dentist makes your teeth healthy and looking good, they can use this phrase to open a conversation. Most people go to a dentist to help them look good and perhaps meet someone special.

A Business Coach: “Time Liberation Expert“ – Besides the many things a business coach does, one of the items is showing the business owner time control and time management.

A Network Marketer: Those who offer vitamins and supplements can call themselves “A Longevity Coach” since they are helping individuals live longer and healthier.

A Financial Planner: “A Financial Enhancement Specialist”

A Motivational Coach: “A Life Enhancement Specialist”

An Accountant:  “A Profit Enhancement Expert”

A Web Designer or SEO Master:  “A Customer Acquisition Expert.”

A Retail Store Owner: Depending on the type of item you offer – For example a clothing store: “A Gift Profiler” or a jewelry store: “A Love Enhancement Specialist” 

Anyway, most of you get the idea so it’s up to others to now comment on what they do and what they think they should call themselves to create the environment where the other person says, “ What is that?”.

So let’s hear from you out there. If you are having difficulty coming up with a phrase, then tell us what you do and we will try to come up with one for you. 

The objective is to test this key phrase whenever you are networking and notice the results you get from saying it.

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