How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant (and leave them in the dust)

Here are a few ways I’ve used to make my competition irrelevant…  

Focus on the moment of truth, the place or position that your products or services will be offered to the customer. For example, if you have a retail establishment, this may be a wall display or a counter display.

On the internet, this may be an online store, e-bay if you have an account with them to offer your products or your own personal website.  Sometimes the moment of truth may be in the form of a bid or proposal after several months of bringing your prospect into being a client or customer.  

The moment of truth is the moment that the customer has an option to make a purchasing decision, to buy your product, or to invest in your services. 

This is the moment you need to put your best foot forward.

Each time you present something to your prospect or customer, provide a value proposition to them.  Your value proposition should be something that can be conveyed into three to five precise and succinct statements.  

A value proposition should contain the essential elements of feature, advantage, benefit, and offer. This is a reference to a specific important feature of your offer, the advantage as compared to the competition and what’s in it for your customer.  

The other thing you can do is to differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Common examples of differentiation for products may be size, speed, color, or accessories.  

Examples of differentiation for services would be performance, quality, availability, or ease of use.  Show how your product or service is better than the competition.

In today’s world, our clients and customers are bombarded with so much information, advertisements and commercials, that it is sometimes impossible to keep the attention of your prospects focused on what you are saying to them.  

If you focus your methods on the moment of truth and create differentiation, you will leave your competition in the dust.

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