The Power, Performance, Presence, and Rewards of “Thank You”

Your business can be one that sells online or it could be products you sell at parties, or one to one at lunch or in homes.

There are many ways to market your business. Whatever way, one of the most important items that I never really see addressed in any articles I read about Business Marketing, is the importance of saying two simple words: “Thank You.”

Whenever you sell anything, you should always send a Thank You letter or a Thank You message after the order is placed, whether on the Internet or a thank you letter after the customer has purchased your product.

Then you should follow up with another personal message after the purchaser has had an opportunity to use the item/service. You can ask if they have any questions and are enjoying the benefits of what they have purchased.

When you do this, you have created a really dynamic opportunity to build a relationship with that customer and reap the rewards of many future purchases that person will make or even turn them into an influencer, where they will refer others.


Here’s a simple fact:

The customer, who feels flattered and appreciated, will become a life-long customer, and will eagerly give you their money over and over again. That is what builds repeat business and a steady growing income.

That is the foundation of success. This is multiplied over and over again in your business. Think of that power and reward. And there is nothing more valuable to any business than repeat customers.

Everybody likes to be appreciated, but when you are appreciated when you least expect it, the impact on you is HUGE.

When you take the time to give special notice, customers remember you.

There are many ways to single people out, and this is one of the personal and heartfelt Thank You’s that works every time.

Do you say thank you to your customers for doing business with you?

Think about it.

Do you say thank you half-heartedly, or perhaps you send out a “Form Letter” thank you pre printed and impersonal, which when received, is dropped in the junk mail pile?

A real “Thank You’ is something that gives the customer a personal feeling as one human being reaching out to another and saying, “You are special TO ME. I appreciate your business.”

When you don’t expect that call it really will have a real impact on you.

The challenge you face is to find a way to say thank you the right way to as many of your customers as you can, if not to all of them.

If a ‘Thank You’ is overlooked in person, what about on the Internet? How do you say Thank You and make it personal and meaningful to that distant cyberspace customer who might be here this minute and off to that other vast shopping ground next?

Once you have their names, then you must send them a personal email message thanking them for doing business with you.

But don’t stop there.

Set up an automatic, follow-up message asking if you can be of further assistance and say “Thank You” again for becoming a customer.

Let me say, “Thank You” for reading this latest idea for creating customers. I truly value your desire to be the best marketer you can be and I sincerely desire to help you achieve that. It is people like you who make doing business a pleasure, not just a chore.

Thanks again.


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