Taking Email Marketing to the Next Level

Many businesses and professionals are turning to email marketing to keep profits rolling in. While an increasing number of people say they rarely surf the net, the vast majority of North Americans check their email every day.

Email marketing is the most effective and efficient way to influence purchases and keep customers informed and happy. It also is inexpensive.

New technology that is powerful yet easy to use allows anyone to handle email jobs that previously required expensive professional help. Many professionals are bringing their email campaigns in house in order to have more control and decrease costs

Here are 4 features you will want to use in your email marketing efforts.

  1. Include HTML in your messages. Your logo, banner, bullets, and color elements can make your message jump off the screen. You can even include forms that allow customers to order instantly from your message.   This takes advantage of impulse buyers.
  1. Purchase a Campaign Manager software to schedule when your email messages will be sent out. You can prepare an entire months worth of messages and tell the manager which weeks, days, etc to release them to your list.
  1. Take advantage of POP import features. It automatically takes the email addresses from messages you receive and puts them on your mailing list. This will guarantee that no one who requests information is left out of your next mailing.
  1. Make sure the software you use to send your messages includes information and instructions on how to do any task you wish to achieve. You won’t have to wait for the tech guy to show up,


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