Prospecting is a Form of Service

Sometimes people ask me if they should have a statement of purpose. My response is sure, a statement of purpose is a good thing. And, if you really want it to have some punch and meaning, you need to start with the big picture.

A sense of purpose or a feeling about your purpose is going to make your statement of purpose a lot more powerful.

You want to make sure your words cause you to feel something profound or intuitively right.

The next thing to consider is that generally speaking, all of us have the same purpose: to help others, or to serve our fellow man/woman in the way that is best suited to who and what we are.

The bottom line is that we are here to serve each other.

Therefore, if we are primarily here to serve each other and prospecting is a required part of our job, it occurred to me that prospecting could, therefore, be a form of service if observed from the proper perspective.


So how is prospecting a form of service? Consider the following:

  1. When you contact people as a business owner, you are giving them the opportunity to become more effective in their decision-making process.
  2. In the process of interviewing people and letting them talk, you are giving them an opportunity to discover and learn more about themselves and what is important to them. You are helping them define what they want that they don’t have.
  3. You are helping people take the first step toward resolving issues they may be putting off. Their issues could be emotional and complex and easy to put off. The problem is “tomorrow” never comes and a lack of planning can result in missed opportunities and other unfavorable situations that could have been easily avoided.
  4. People don’t often really know what they want. They need to have a conversation to discover and define what they want, and they need to have this conversation with someone who knows how to facilitate the conversation.
  5. To get the prospect to engage in the process of dealing with their issues will have great meaning for them. Long term, it could be one of the most important things they will ever do. Again, the whole process is dependent on your willingness to make the first contact. In other words, to perform our service to mankind.

In our dualistic world, it is easy to forget the gift we bring to the table by the work we do. We can forget the brilliance of the process that we take people through and the many important decisions they make just because we are sitting there asking them questions no one else is asking them.

Your purpose, your service, your job, is to help your fellow man. You begin to perform this service by dialing the phone or in some way introducing yourself to people to see if they would like to take part in a highly beneficial and empowering process.

If you are putting your customers’ interests first and help them get what they really want combined with our expertise, you really are performing a great service to mankind. Remind yourself of that thought a few times each day and especially when speaking to prospects who are showing little or no interest.

One of my favorite observations is that you get paid to make the call (to serve) not by how people respond to you. If you make calls and maintain your sense of purpose despite the predictable negative reactions from some people, greater success is immediately on its way to you.


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