Offering a Service That Individuals Want… Or Need

Most business owners fall into the deadly trap of offering a service that people really need… and then wonder why they have trouble setting appointments and getting new business.

Are you making this mistake?

Do you see it?

Did you spot the deadly mistake?

Look closely here…

  • A lot of people need to stop eating junk foods…but they really don’t want to.
  • A lot of people need to stop smoking…but they still really don’t want to.
  • A lot of young people need to study harder…but they really don’t want to.
  • A lot of people need better life insurance coverage…but they don’t want to deal with it now.
  • A lot of people need financial planning…but they really don’t want to invest the time or effort.

Look around and observe carefully:

  1. A lot of people need to do a lot of things.
  2. But most people don’t DO things unless they emotionally want to.
  3. Or, unless they HAVE to.

Yes, people definitely need and should do a lot of things.

But the simple fact is, people generally only DO what they WANT or HAVE to do.

Makes sense?

Sure, it does.

Are you actively applying those basic principles of human nature to your marketing?

No offense intended, but I’ll bet you ARE NOT.

You probably believe that most people need your product, (Yes, they definitely do.}

But just because they need it, don’t delude yourself into thinking that they want it.

I could go on for hours about this, but I won’t.

The point is simple.

Most business owners still focus on selling to customer needs vs. emotional wants.

Having a product or service that people need is very different from having one that they want.

Okay, so what IS it that people really want today?

Brace yourself for this astoundingly simple answer.

People today want the same OLD emotional things that they’ve wanted for years and years.

The same down to earth, old-fashioned, life-fulfilling things you probably want also.

How many of these things do you want?

  • To have a good paying job or business of your own.
  • To have interesting and meaningful work you can take pride and joy in.
  • To have a home, food, clothing, and security for your family.
  • To be able to pay your bills on time without stress.
  • To have family and friends to love.
  • To have good health insurance coverage if you get sick and need care.
  • To have enough money for your children’s college education.
  • To have an adequate financial nest egg for later years in life.


My question to you is, “Are you actively applying these time-tested emotional wants in the packaging of your services?”

Again, no offense intended, but I’ll bet you ARE NOT.

When you do, you will see a transformation of your business into many many sales.

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