Doing A Live Event Soon? (Try this)

Here is an idea I have worked on in the past to great success. It is something everyone can do.

Organize a live event in your local market, with half a dozen speakers, each of whom invites guests. They can send out an email to their clients/customers to attend. The stress in the message should be how they will benefit by attending.

The real value of a collaborative marketing effort like this is that each of the participants is responsible to notify their customers about the event.  

Prior to the event, I would do the following to prep the customers for the event.  

  1. Send an email to each other’s list, offering a free consultation or a free report. 
  2. Do a guest post for each other’s blog or newsletter.  
  3. Introduce each other to the centers of influence that you each know.

Cooperative marketing is effective because it instantly exposes you to a large group of prospective clients, all of whom have the implied or explicit recommendation of a professional they know and trust.  

It’s a great idea so massage it to fit your situation.

Let me know your thoughts on this concept.

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