How to Ask, Add, and Multiply Added Value to Your Business

What exactly is “added value”?

Well, added value or “upsell” or anything you want to call it… To me, it is adding onto a sale after a person purchases.  

Here are a few examples:

In retail, it could be when a purchase is made for suede upholstery. You could ask, without hard selling and that is important if they have considered a method of cleaning and caring for the material. You have a kit that will do the job if they are interested.  

If you are a medical professional e.g. a dentist, I’ve noticed how many dentists have residual products in their waiting room, and let’s assume one of the products is an organic mouthwash. You can say after a cleaning, “Have you considered something that would continually keep your breath fresh?”

Or if you are an Insurance Agent or Financial Planner. After they purchase you can continually communicate with them at least once a month to see how they are doing and/or offer advice.  It’s added value to their trust in you.

I wonder how many of our members can come up with similar examples? Let’s hear from you.

Ask And Thou Shall Receive

Whenever you want an unbiased opinion of what your customers/clients think of your business, all you have to do is to ask them. Simply ask them what they think of your business and how they would make it better if they had the opportunity to do so.

You could even create a suggestion form for them to complete. But even better, you can reward your customers’ suggestions that you feel are worthwhile and that you implement, by sending them a reward for doing so. It could be a free item or even some form of discount. Sounds almost like an employee suggestion program except that the suggestions are coming from your customer/client. 

You are actually building a bond between you and your customer/client by showing a desire to partner with them and then proving how much you value their opinion. 

All of us like to be asked our opinion. 

How many of you members are doing this and how are you doing it?

Multiply Added Value by Knowing the Main Purpose of Your Business

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners think the primary purpose of their business is to generate lots of money.

Although making money is very important, it is not the core purpose of your business.

You see, you can sell a handful of people some really expensive products and make a lot of money.

But, unless you are able to get and keep truckloads of customers who buy from you on a regular basis, and who like you and trust you enough to give you plenty of referrals, you will never be able to reach the true financial potential your business can provide you.

Unfortunately, most business owners, even the ones with fancy ideas, don’t know how to acquire and keep tons of customers.  So, as a result, many of them have to struggle just to get by.

How does this apply to you?

It is simply this: If you want to become incredibly successful in growing your company, you must learn how to obtain and retain an avalanche of customers profitably.

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