Influencing with Integrity (Part 1)

Over the next few articles that I’m going to write about, I want to stress the importance of influencing with integrity.  

We often go through the motions of trying to sell only to be thwarted by various reasons and objections from the customer on why they shouldn’t purchase.

Every salesperson, whether you are selling a product or an idea, must deal with objections.  

What astounds me is that most sales training always focuses on how to overcome those objections. I’m going to try to share with you a new way to look at and work with objections. What I will share with you is probably one of the greatest secrets of selling.  “Listening Through Objections.”

So, with that said, here is what it is all about.  

Listening through objections means that instead of overcoming objections, as we are often taught by defending against them, here you eliminate them by being open to them. You embrace them. You encourage the other person to bring them out in the open.  

How do you do that?

You do that by LISTENING.

You as the salesperson will champion the objection. You must remember that this is an active process. More than being receptive to the objection, you actively help it to be expressed fully with all the emotion that gives it its charge.

Traditionally, we are trained to deflect objections, to turn them back against the person, and to probe with rationality and the reason that the objection is false.

We just might defeat the objection successfully, but this leaves in place the feelings associated with it.  In fact, it will increase the emotional charge.  We “overcome” it with logic and we have made the other person wrong.  We have invalidated him or her and end up, in effect, calling the person a liar. 

Wouldn’t you agree with me?

This is hardly a way to “win friends and influence people.”

I’m sure you will agree also that objections are emotional.

When you use reason and logic to deal with an objection, you will fail 9 out of 10 times.  Why? Because 90 percent of all objections are emotional in nature.

The argumentative approach of “overcoming objections” brings out a person’s defenses.  Why? Because the emotional component isn’t being honored. Its “life” is being threatened. So it fights back.  

When your logic overpowers it, it lies down and plays dead. Just like a possum. But watch out. Later, when you are gone and the threat is removed, it will spring back to life, and probably more determined than it ever was before.  

We call this phenomenon “buyer’s remorse, or “having second thoughts.”  It is responsible for the anxiety and doubt people experience after they have made a decision.

Simply they feel this way because they were not heard.  

But what is it that wants to be heard? The emotion, anger, frustration, disappointment, and fear.  Until it is purged, there is no chance for the other person to make a complete choice about your offer.  They simply cannot hear you.  The emotional voice inside their head is too loud.

In the next segment of this important concept, I will go over “How to make the objection dissolve when through your listening you will have the emotion exhaust itself.”

Let’s share some of the ways you’ve overcome objections.  

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