How to Make Doing Business with Your Company Fun

It always surprises me that most companies never put themselves in their customers’ or prospects’ positions. I say this because I see so many companies that make doing business with them so hard.

For example, if someone calls your company and a telephone operator is their first contact, can that customer support operator make a compelling response to the caller’s request?

When people come into your place of business, how well-versed are your sales clerks? How much time have you spent preparing dialogues, questions, and advice for your people to ask or offer to customers?

How easy is it to find things in your place of business?

How much do you take your customers and prospects for granted? By merely stepping outside your office and pretending like you are a prospect or customer, you should see a lot of the flaws in your operation. Like the TV program, “Undercover Boss.”

Remember that once they are taken care of and remedied, you can dramatically improve your current and repeat business potential.

You should make sure that your place of business is inviting, informative, non-threatening, easy, educational, and fun to do business with you. When this happens you will leave your competition in the dust.

Here’s a list of to do’s:

  1. You cannot educate your customer enough.
  2. You cannot inform them too much.
  3. You cannot make calling or coming into your business too desirable.
  4. You cannot make ordering too easy.
  5. You cannot service too much.

I’ve always said, “Inspect what you expect.” I always called my own offices to make sure the phones were answered the way I wanted them to be answered. Have you done the same?

For example… Supposing you’re a restaurant owner, have you called your own eating place to make reservations and listened to the way your assistant answered the phone and responded to you? Try it sometimes. When you make the corrections you will see a remarkable difference in the growth of your business.

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