How to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Lead Generation Message

Are you actively engaging potential prospects on LinkedIn.

Here’s what you should say when communication with new connections.

I have a series of lead generation messages that I use at different steps of the process to start a dialogue with prospects on LinkedIn. It all starts with the initial connection request and finishes with a request to move the conversation offline.


  1. Send a Personal Message When Connecting. Social selling is all about personalization and developing relationships based on trust and value. It is for this reason that I always stress the importance of having a personalized message when connect with new people. If you are connecting with someone you haven’t met before and don’t include a personal note, don’t be surprised if the hit the “I don’t know this person” button.

    Here is an example of a message I use when connecting with new people.
    If you are a member of the same group.

    Hi   Name

    Since we are both members of Group Name, I thought it would be great to connect here on LinkedIn. As a vocation, I always love to meet people in the same industry that are of like mind.


  1. Send a “Welcome” Message to New Connections

    Here’s an example

    Hi Name,

    Thank you for connecting with me here on LinkedIn. As a vocation, On LinkedIn I have found that we should share ideas and referrals. Please tell me a little about yourself and who your ideal referral would be, so that when I see someone like that I will refer them to you.


  1. Follow up after One Week

    Hopefully you’ve managed to spark some dialogue with your welcome message but if not, this is your chance to make an impression and it better be good. They will be wondering at this point, “What the heck does this person want from me?”

    The goal with this message is to continue building value and also demonstrating that you understand their major pain points.

    It is important that this message contain something that benefits the person you are trying to reach and is personalized for the individual

    Also it should show that you understand their pain points and you don’t pitch your product or services at this time.

    Here’s an example

    Hi Name

    Hope that all is well with you. I recently was accepted into your network and I sent off a message a few weeks ago asking you to tell me a little about yourself, and who your ideal referral would be. Please let me know so that I can refer individuals to you.


Keep following up again and again. Find article that have helpful information that you can send them with a comment, “Let me know what you think of it.


Start creating your own LinkedIn Lead Generation Messages. Creating your own messages will save you tons of time and force you to really think about how you are going to build relationships with the right people in a strategic way.
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