How to Create A Customer Before Your Competition

When I had my 35 companies, I created ways to be in touch with them constantly.   At least once a month. With the advent of the Internet, I was able to communicate with them on a weekly basis simply by pushing a button.   

One of the companies I had insured over 600,000 nurses for Malpractice Insurance. I bought my first computer in 1974 from a company called Nixdorf. The discs themselves were so large in size, that in order to do a backup, we had to use 4 of them daily.

Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning this now is that I struggled for a few years trying to figure out a way to get to my potential customer before my competition.

That’s when I hit on an idea.

Every student-nurse has to take a course called, “Legal Aspects of Nursing” in their senior year. When I interviewed a few of the instructors, I found a way to help them, and also a way to be in front of my potential market on a weekly basis.

I created a ”Malpractice Case of the Week” in which I would outline a real case in malpractice, then list three questions for the students to answer for the instructor. In essence, I was doing the work of the instructor.

The most important part of this was that it gave me the opportunity to be in front of my potential customer before my competition.   

I also was able to get from each school, the graduation date of the student. Approximately three months before graduation I sent an email once a week, alerting them to the fact that when they graduate, we will be sending them an application for enrolling in our malpractice insurance and the many benefits they will receive from us when they become our customer.

Think of the many ways in which you can get to students to promote your company and products. 

If you are in the auto products business, you can give a talk to the students before they get their driver’s licenses, and create a database to be in touch with them constantly before their birthday.

If you are a florist, you can speak to seniors about the health benefits of flowers and/or other products.

If you are in the insurance business, you can set up a talk with seniors, before they take their driver’s license, and communicate with them via email before they take their driver’s test, and the products you offer.

What I’m saying here, is that you should think of methods and ways to get to your future customers before they need your services, to create a bond with them, so that when they need your product or service, you will be first in their mind.

Well, that’s it for this issue. Next time I’ll write about another solution to problems you might be having and how to reverse them… 

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