Going Back to Marketing 101

Remember the basic marketing truism a transaction happens between two people: the seller and the buyer.

Not between 200 people but, again, between two people.

This means:

  1. If you stay focused on how to create the best outcome for each person you interact with rather than a mass of people as a whole, you will do just fine.
  1. If your messages and emails and online interactions you make are about individuals as opposed to writing one size fits all blasts, you will do fine also.
  1. And if you stay ahead in the sense of doing what is right and what makes sense, you have enormous competitive advantages.

I’ve said it many many times over the years that being a decent person is a rare competitive advantage.

The specifics of what that means may change, but the sentiment hasn’t.

“When you take care of each person you interact with individually, put their needs first, and do well by them, you will do well.  Because, let’s fact it, most people are not.

CARING sets you apart from the crowd.

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