Generating New Leads

To grow and have a successful online business, you have to move on from relying on networking and referrals to generating new leads.

There are 3 different types of leads:

  1. Leads who don’t know they need anything. They only vaguely feel that they have a problem or desire, and they don’t view it as a big deal, so they aren’t making any effort to look for a solution.
  2. Leads who recognize that they need something, but aren’t sure exactly what they want. They feel as if they have an unmet need, but at this point, they don’t have a clear idea about what they will decide to purchase or whom they might purchase it from.
  3. Leads who know they need something, know what they want, and are now ready to purchase it. These are the easiest leads to sell to. All you need to do is to show them that what you offer meets the needs that they already know they have.

This is where the problem comes in.  Most companies’ marketing funnels, no matter how large they are, are focused on identifying the leads that are ready to purchase and then selling to those people.

Why?  Because that approach is easy.

But, if you focus only on that third type of lead, you will miss out on all those type 1 and type 2 leads.  They are the 80% who take a little longer to purchase from you and if you treat them like they are your friends, you can convert them to customers.

However, generating valuable leads through your marketing funnel involves a process. Here it is…

  1. Understand your leads’ mindsets. Are they problem-oriented or solution-oriented? Are they committed to obtaining a solution right away, or only vaguely interested in finding a solution?
  2. For your leads to trust you, they need to view you as an expert in the field of their problem or need, so building your authority.
  3. Create lead magnets that are designed to suit leads at different levels of mindset, interest, and commitment.
  4. You only have a few seconds to convey your proposition, so make sure you are funneling your leads to the most appropriate landing page for your lead magnets.
  5. Target and retarget your prime leads with valuable content to increase your relevancy and authority in their eyes.
  6. Build relationships. You need to increase engagement with leads that are less aware of their need, and less committed to a solution. Constantly communicate with these leads.
  7. Then, you convert them to customers. This step is the end result of the preceding steps, ensuring your leads are ready to purchase by the time you offer them your product or service.

Well, that’s it for this issue. Next time I’ll write about another solution to problems you might be having and how to reverse them. If you need step-by-step instructions on how to implement this and other ideas I give on creating customers. Please go to  and sign up for my one-on-one coaching program.

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