Free InMails to LinkedIn Group Members

You read it correctly. You can send FREE messages instead of expensive InMails to people that share the same LinkedIN Groups as you.

To go any LinkedIn group you are a member of and Click on the Members tab. LinkedIn has recently made a change where for some of you this tab is no longer there, so click on the number of members that show up on the far right, top, corner after you have clicked on your group.

Look at all of the 2nd level connections inside the group’s member list and you will see an option that says. “ Send Message.”

When you select “Send Message”, a message box will instantly open up that gives you a direct line to that individual’s inbox.

Doing it this way is good for the first 500 individuals in the group. But if the group is larger, doing it this way, you will lose out on the remaining members. What I suggest is that you create a list of first names, then in the search bar, type in a name, ie: James, then go to their name and click on “Send Message” and you will be able to send messages to all of the James’s.

Or if there were specific things you were looking for. IE: VP Sales, Human Resources, etc., then just type it in the search box, and go from there.


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