Customers Getting Script number Three

The other day I needed to take my car to the Lexus dealer because the light on my dashboard went on and because it’s a high performance vehicle, I had no idea what the issue was, but it didn’t feel good to me.

When I pulled into the dealership, I had a feeling that this was going to cost me.  When I told the Lexus representative what was going on, he said, “ Let me hook it up to the diagnostic equipment and we’ll see what the issue is.”

After doing some tests, the mechanic said, “Ken, it’s a malfunction in the air pressure pump.”  That sounded expensive to me.

He mentioned that he had a few options.  He said, “ I can put your car up on the rack and replace the pump now, but that is going to really cost  you.  Or I can simply turn off the warning light and you can go out and drive the car for a few miles.  If the warning light doesn’t come back on after you drive the car, it means that everything is fine and the light just needed to be reset.

So that is what I did.  By the time I drove around the light went out.

Of course I was relieved because I thought I was in for a costly repair bill, and surprisingly, it didn’t cost me anything.  When I saw the Representative, I shook his hand and said “Thank You” several times.  I really was very grateful because he could have easily charged me thousands of dollars for a repair I didn’t need.

His response when I thanked him was, “ No problem, if I can save you some money that is a good thing.”  That was it.  He went to work and I got my car to drive away.

But, as I sat in my car and filled with gratitude that the problem was solved, in that moment, I started thinking about what the Dealer could have said to me that would have been more impactful.  He had just saved me thousands of dollars, and when I thank him, all he said was, “No problem.”

At that moment I was so happy that I would have done anything for him, something to help his business.  I would have been grateful to help him.

I’m not trying to say anything negative about this guy but his response of “No Problem:” is actually what most people say when someone thanks them. Saying No problem is extremely common.  It’s a reflexive response.

If you don’t say “No Problem” you might be saying “You are welcome”  or  “Don’t mention it”>

All of those are habitual responses that most people use when someone says “Thank You”.  There is nothing wrong with this response, but none of them lead the conversation in a direction where you can get referrals and new clients.

When someone says “Thank YOU.” It is a magical moment and it is the perfect time to have a meaningful Referral Conversation that can generate new clients.

When someone says “Thank You.” It can be one of the most Profitable moments in your business.

For those of you in my coaching program you saw in Module one where I went over the Law Of Reciprocity.  I showed you many methods of using it.  This is another one.

When someone says “Thank You”, for this brief moment they will experienc3 a strong impulse to give something back to us.

Here’s the most important thing.  You must ask for a referral immediately after someone thanks you.

The next time someone says Thank You, say “ it was my pleasure.  You can always count on me and I know that I can always count on you to introduce me to the people that you care about because you want your family, your friends and neighbors to get the best advice when they are thinking about (whatever you do or your product does).

So let me know how you make out when this happens to you.

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