Creating a Passionate Audience That Is Actively Looking for Your Services

When I was leaving Aruba for home this past year, I met an individual who worked for a high-end watch company.

He showed me a watch that sells for $125,000.

I asked him what is the difference between that watch and the watch that I was wearing.  Mine costs less than $300.

He told me that my watch probably keeps better time than the high-end watch.

What was the lesson here?

If you find a PASSIONATE audience of people that are ACTIVELY looking for your services and value YOU, price is almost irrelevant.

When selling your services or products, always remember this:

If the perceived value of you and your service is GREATER than the investment it takes to get it, people will BUY.

Why do people pay $125,000 for a watch when they could pay $20 instead?

Because to them, the watch is WORTH $125,000 or more, based on how it looks, makes them feel, the status it gives them, etc.

People will pay for your services or products because of the VALUE you bring to their lives.

That is great news because you have only 2 routes you can choose in your business:

  1. You can undercut the market and be the cheapest in your profession. Or…
  2. You can find a passionate audience of people who want the RESULTS your services provide where the perceived value of working with YOU and receiving your service is greater than the cost.

This makes the price secondary and YOU become “the prize” that people seek out and are willing to pay for.

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