Are They Buying or What? 4 Steps to Convincing “Almost Customers” To Do Business With You

All of us have a hoard of prospects that were initially attracted to us for some reason or another.  It could have been your ad that attracted them. A direct mail piece. Or any other method you might have used to attract that prospect.

Once you have attracted that prospect to look at you, they are very close to buying from you.  I call these “Almost Customers,” because they have yet to do business with you.

Here are some ideas for converting them into “buying customers”.

1.  In my experience, there are 6 questions you must ask yourself and get answers for. Potential customers will not buy from you until all of the 6 questions are answered. Your potential customer may not think of all of these questions, but they will become your customers if you will answer these questions for them.

  • Precisely what are you offering? 
  • How should they get it from you?
  • Why do they need or want it? 
  • How fast can they get it?
  • What if they don’t like it after they get it?
  • What do they need to do to get it?

Also, if you have a website, make sure that you answer these 6 questions and state them prominently. Again, it’s not about features but about benefits. 

Your customer is only thinking, “What’s in it for me?” 

So answer these 6 questions around providing benefits.

2. Set up a system to consistently follow-up with your prospect. In my experience, most prospects don’t buy the first time they see or hear about you. If you have a system to follow-up, they will eventually buy from you, especially if you’ve answered the prior 6 questions.

Your follow-up can be as extensive as sending them a  weekly newsletter, as I do, with useful information, or as simple as contacting them occasionally with a new offer.

3. Make a memorable Impression the first time they are in contact with you. Think of powerful reasons for prospects and customers to think of you, especially when they encounter a competitor.

Again, in my experience, most prospects who do not buy from you the first time, will come back to buy later.

4.  Send a “Thank You” message after the sale. It means a lot to them. Just think about all of the Thank You messages you received whenever you purchased something. Perhaps like most of us, you never received a “Thank You” message after purchasing.

Can you just imagine how your customers will feel when you were the only one to send them a “Thank You” message? You have indelibly left an imprint in their mind, that you are one of the few individuals that appreciate their business.

Let me know your thoughts if you can think of others that we might share with our readers. Next time I’ll write about another solution to problems you might be having and how to reverse them…

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