A secret for getting known on LinkedIn

If you are on LinkedIn, you joined to use this social media venue to create potential customers. 

The greatest stumbling block has been that many of you think that it’s wrong to self-promote yourself and/or your company.

I have to agree with you. I also found it difficult.  

So, I didn’t pursue self-promotion.

Instead, I started a few discussions to help everyone with ideas on creating customers and sharing my vast experiences. When someone commented, I responded. It grew so well, that all of a sudden I became a celebrity.  

That’s right. I started receiving many messages from other LinkedIn members asking me questions.  

This resulted in creating a bond between myself and the member. You can do the same.  

An idea I’ve given a lot of people in my other groups is to make weekly comments on my discussions and weave in the message you have for introducing yourself. 

I’ve seen that if this is done over an 8-week period, each and every week, individuals in the group get to know who you are and then reach out to you when they could use your services.   

So, I would suggest that you go to LinkedIn.com, and if you aren’t using this medium, sign up.  It’s free. You can join local groups or you can join my groups. 

If you type in Ken Varga in the people search bar at the top of the page, you will get my profile and you can see the groups I belong to and you can join them also and make comments each week on my discussions when I make posts and/or when others make comments.   

Let me know how it works out for you.

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