A Successful Direct Mail Formula

My most popular formula for a successful Direct Mail piece is, state the problem, agitate some, then solve the problem.

People mostly are motivated by fear of losing something, or the removal of “pain”, than they are motivated by gain.

You want to clearly define the prospect’s problem.  In some cases, your prospect will know or acknowledge the problem.  In others, you will need to introduce the problem to them.  However, you want to be careful in assuming they either know, or acknowledge that they even have a problem to begin with.  A lot of care must be taken in clearly defining the problem in a straightforward manner.

After stating the problem clearly, then you must agitate the problem and get an emotional reaction and investment from the prospect.  You can use anger, fear, embarrassment, guilt, whatever deep emotion you can tug on.

The harder the tug the better. Don’t hold back.  Lay it all out there for your prospect.

Now you give them the solution.  Of course you have the solution.

After clearly defining the problem and agitating it enough to get the prospects blood to boil, the next logical step is to now relieve the problem you so artfully described.

This is exactly where you want them.

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