Storytelling Your Way to Sales

If you want to get your prospects’ attention and make an emotional connection with them, then you have to learn the art of storytelling.

Consumers have more choices today than they ever had before. Traditional marketing just isn’t as effective as it once was.  Most businesses aren’t using storytelling today.

A good friend of mine who has since passed, Gary Halbert once said, “The often missing ingredient in a sales message is that the sales message doesn’t tell an interesting story.”

Not only is telling a story a tried-and-true method for getting attention, but an engaging story will keep attention.

Here are a few steps that will help you use the power of storytelling in your business.

  1. Show, don’t tell. Don’t talk about yourself.  Use stories that convey your expertise and values.
  1. Humans use narrative to make sense of the world around us. As your prospects struggle with the problems they are facing in their lives, you can use stories to answer important questions.  How can you help? Why should they buy from you?  Well-crafted stories can show people the benefit of choosing your product or service.
  1. Being the Hero. Set yourself apart from other businesses by talking about your customers, not yourself.  Use customer stories to help undecided shoppers relate to your customers.  When satisfied customers talk about you and praise you, it is more credible than anything you could say.
  1. We love stories. Use stories to get and keep the attention of your prospects and create an emotional connection with them. Individuals make decisions emotionally. When you take advantage of stories, you will be able to influence their thoughts and behaviors.

Although the human brain can process emotional and empirical information, research has shown that emotional responses are stronger than rational responses. Therefore, decision-making isn’t logical, it is emotional.

Research has shown that emotional response to an advertisement has a far greater influence on a person’s intent to buy a product that the ad’s content does.

When you use storytelling in your marketing, your audience is more likely to remember your message.

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