why should i choose hotel management as career

why should i choose hotel management as career

Therefore, the hotel management field provides you a large variety in terms of roles. 1. Endless career alternatives 5. Working in the hotel industry means that you are surrounded by lots of friendly and bubbly people. Taking a degree in hospitality courses will enable will give you bigger career opportunities. Because of its dual opportunity, you can either go th the hotel industry or in the field of restaurant management. Head Chef: 30,000 35,000. Learn financial management.

What are the reasons to choose a career in hotel management? Since the hospitality industry has many departments like operations, food and beverage, front office, accounting, security etc. It depends towards which field you have more interest. A hotel manager is responsible for making sure that all areas of the facility operate and work together as smoothly as possible to ensure a positive experience for guests. These professionals also set service standards, manage front-of-house staff, and plan events. The reasons to study hospitality management are as varied as the industry itself: Diversified Career Options: Hospitality industry is extremely diverse and extensive which will give you limitless career opportunities. These programs generally provide instruction in hotel maintenance and engineering, food service management and catering, housekeeping, marketing and sales, accounting and hotel administration. I believe the hotel industry in the services sector will provide me with best opportunities to promote my professional skills. With all of the positive people and the friendly culture, the hotel industry is one of the most fun and atmospheric industries you can choose from. Here are just ten of the reasons why a career in hospitality is well great! The hospitality industry is extremely diverse.

Better growth prospects 6. There are thousands of career options to choose from. Scroll down for a better explanation. Top 10 Universities to Study Hotel ManagementSchool of Hotel Administration (Cornell University) - New York, USA. Ecole htelire de Lausanne (EHL) - Switzerland. William F. Rosen College of Hospitality Management (University of Central Florida) - USA. Oxford School of Hospitality Management (Oxford Brookes University) - United Kingdom. More items Imagine working in an industry with virtually no job shortages; one with competitive salaries and career and geographic mobility. They must also have passion, ambitions and a strong drive. 7. Yes sometimes it may be needed for you to be out of your comfort zone and work There are numerous sectors in the hospitality industry and the salaries offered vary from one sector to another. For those who can't envision themselves locked into a traditional 9 to 5 job with only weekends off, hospitality is an option that should be seriously considered. In recent decades, they've become even more popular. However, in order to succeed, you need to be energetic and must possess great social skills. One of the reasons to study hospitality management is because it offers great job and career opportunities for anyone who wants to get involved in the world of tourism.. Hospitality Management Schools offer complete education for energetic, enthusiastic people who have a passion for people and service. However, their duties go beyond kitchen management. Hospitality management involves overseeing the administrative tasks of a hotel or resort. A career in hotel management can be immensely rewarding, with new breakthroughs at all levels of employment.

You make peoples day. A hospitality management degree prepares you for a successful career with the potential to grow into a number of high-level positions. 6 reasons to get into hotel management 1. For those managing full-service hotels, a bachelors degree in hotel management is required. So you do it. This is a reality when you work as a hotel manager. Early responsibility. There are a lot of appealing aspects to hotel work. Here are five more reasons why hospitality management is a great study choice: 1. There are many different career options and positions for people in the hospitality industry including catering, management, transport, careers in the hotel industry, and so on. Its a career without limits. Hence, you have a great hotel management career scope if you are interested in this line of work. They must be confident, organized and friendly. It is the most lucrative sectors of all. -It is an integral part of the hospitality sector. You may spend most of your time in luxurious establishments, and Job Variety: Ask anyone who works in the hospitality industry and they will tell you that You did not sign up for this job to play peoples parent, did you? But is also a highly paid field. So, lets take a look at the average salary range of multiple hospitality careers (source: Reed): Hotel or Hospitality Managers: 35,000 40,000. -It has great employment prospects. As seeing people take shortcuts. The enlisted points are elaborated. According to monster.com, as the economy comes back to life, travel, tourism, and hospitality industries stand to benefit from increased business activity and consumer spending.

In case you are looking for a career that offers many opportunities, then you should choose a course that focuses on hospitality jobs. Of course not! Gaining a certificate in hotel management is a great way to start the career path to Overall, the Hotel Manager plays an essential role in managing things, maintaining the integrity and brand name of the hotel by handling the rest of the staff in a professional manner. Why Choose Hospitality Management Tourism is Cushy: Working in tourism is a great gig. Please try again.

If were talking about the benefits of career choice, then a career in tourism and hospitality is definitely worthy. Note: i want to follow a career that i enjoy and will help me earn enough to be successful fast (just a preference not the only choice) Please help me. Salary potential. The world really is your oyster as a hospitality management graduate. When you choose hotel management as a career line, you will be able to access career opportunities in different types and sizes of hotels. Sign in / Register. However, its not nearly as bad as seeing standards in quality and behaviour drop around you. It offers various growth opportunities. Hotel management is an integral part of the travel and tourism industry, one of todays fastest-growing sectors. Average salary. One can join as an Air Hostess and Flight Stewards. The sheer diversity of the hospitality industry means youll never be limited in your job search. With the assistance of a prestigious hotel management institute, the candidates can surely reach the Important Facts About Hotel ManagersEducational Programs. For hotel management careers, it's recommended that you acquire a bachelor's degree, although a high school diploma or associate degree can suffice in some cases.Hospitality CoursesBusiness Courses. Internships. Job Outlook and Salary Information. Lucrative career opportunities after course completion 3. This can include managing hotel services, overseeing events, devising strategies, solving problems, and meeting with business partners. There are lots of reasons why someone might choose hotel management and there are lots of different personality types that are suited to hotel management. This job position usually requires candidates to have a hospitality management degree. Consequently, the key to a successful and exciting career in hotel management is choosing the right option as per your interest. Your goal as a hospitality manager is to ensure your hotel is warm, welcoming, and makes guests feel like theyre at home.

Hotel management is a good mix of day-to-day business activities and customer service. Why should I choose Hotel Management? There are several significant advantages to choosing a career in hospitality. Those people who are active and have leadership skills make Hospitality industry virtually has all the job positions in the book. -With the opening of new hotels in various big and small cities, requirement for Another advantage of choosing this field is that there is plenty of room for advancement in your field of specialization. Something went wrong. To succeed in this field, consider following these steps to improve your skills: 1. Fast growth, on the job training and career development opportunities are excellent reasons to 2. For me, I eventually chose hotel management because I enjoy making other people happy, and hospitality is a Amicable working domain 4. As a hotel manager, youll be more involved with every area of the business than anyone else. Airline Industry: Airline Industry is also a good option for the hotel management students. Hospitality skills can Selecting hospitality employment is emotionally satisfying, and can be financially rewarding as well. Considering a career in hotel management? What are the various options I have in this field? However, hotels with less complicated operations and fewer services may hire candidates with a certificate in hotel management or an associate degree. Answer: Both of the fields are equally good and do have a good future. The best answer for such question should be something like: " I have chosen hotel industry as a career because in my opinion the services sector is the most challenging of all. 3. Interacting with people belonging to different cultures and languages brings a new experience. There is a training program for employees. Consider upskilling for digital roles much needed by hotel brands, such as:Digital marketing and content creationCybersecurityE-commerce salesData analystSocial media managementMobile app developmentDigital guest experience management hotel management career scope, hotel management placement, As tourism grows, the hotel industry also develops. 1. Infinite advantages 2. Low educational barriers, mobility within the hotels departments as well as mobility in geographic According to Statista, the U.S. hotel industry generated $115.6 billion in Traditionally salaries within the hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors are lower than those in 3. This blog brings you these 10 smart reasons why you should go ahead with it! Career prospects in hotel management industry Once you become a hotel management graduate, a wide world of job prospects will be open to you. What i don't know is, what I want to do next or what part of hotel management i want to choose as a career. Why Choose a Hotel Management Course The Hotel Industry is Booming Enrolling in a hotel management course is a great way to help secure a career in the hotel industry. 8. Global outlook. Candidates with an MBA in hotel management command attractive pay packages and incentives. Do not select under any kind of pressure either from your peers, family members or neighborhood people. A hotel manager must know and appreciate the challenges of each department. There are many types of jobs and career paths available in the hospitality industry, including:Lodging: Hotel manager, resort manager, front desk staff, housekeeping and janitorsEvent and Meetings: Meeting and convention plannersRecreation: Activity coordinators and massage therapistsFood Service: Management, head cooks, cooks, wait staff, and dishwashersFinancial: Accountants and auditorsCasinos: Gaming managers and supervisorsMore items Their median annual wage is more than $73,000 per year. Hotel management requires hard work, experience and understanding. As seeing sloppiness and carelessness build up. One of the best hotel management schools in India. With an MSc in International Hospitality Management, you might manage hotels, transform the customer service element of outdated hospitals, or open your own restaurant. Benefits of Studying Hospitality Management. I also have a rearing for Hospitality to other persons so i personally choose this course. The theoretical syllabus of Hotel Management is more or less similar across various institutes; however, it is the practical exposure that makes a difference. -The hotel management sector is gaining a strong foothold in the global market with the advent of globalisation.

Paid lodging establishments have existed since the early days of civilization. Diversity. Hotel management is critical to the success of a guest accommodation business, and the management and finance department oversees the core day-to-day operations. You could work for a pub, an airline, or an exhibition center. A degree program in hotel or restaurant management can prepare students for the world of opportunity that lays before them in the hospitality industry. You can choose any of the following Careers from the List below: 1. I am interested in front office, f&b service, sales and marketing. Some of them can also join as ground Staff or as Public Relationship officers. Theres a fantastic atmosphere. Error: [react-places-autocomplete]: Google Maps JavaScript API library must be loaded. you can choose your preferred department and apply for various jobs. Also, If you are looking for best colleges for hotel management in India then you can go for Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa. This creates many career options in hotel management.

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