Say you sit in the driver's

Say you sit in the driver's

Say you sit in the driver's side of the rear seat, well the fuses are inside the trunk between your shoulders. Good advise, and if you don't have power start tracing back, you may find other fuses or master on off switch.trace back till you get to the battery. This is looking like a wiring break in your case. Noticed the battery appears to be the original, which means it would be 9 years old. Join Date: Mar 2009. Any suggestions.

Tested wires and fuses all seem good. Turned out to be Fuse 18 that was blown. But what I do know is there is no power going to my radio. Checked fuse-it good. 2012 FLEX radio won't turn on and no clock 20 amp fuse good but 5 amp has no power to it with car running? The fuse you want to check is the F1-17 fuse in the battery junction box. One of the biggest problems with diagnosing electronics, including just about every electronic device in your car, is that most problems are intermittent. I have a 1993 chevy C/K 1500. if that doesn't do it, take a test light or voltmeter and stick one probe in this corresponding terminal and the other probe to a good metal ground.

Jun 2, 2008. It is a hump-shaped box under truck hood. I've removed & reinstalled a couple of times. 2. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. 7.3L Power Stroke - Aftermarket & Performance. All the connectors seem fine. 1 people found this helpful. You may need to use a test light or power probe for this. All the guages and everything else on the boat works great except for the radio now. Lancaster, PA. May 1, 2010. All other electrical devices are working properly. The manual says the #23 under hood fuse and the #35 underdash feed the radio. I have another video on my .


Use an Ohmmeter to verify that the fuse is OK (pull the fuse out when you check it with the meter) or replace it with a known working same rated fuse. No power to the fuse holder. There's no power to the radio so I must be missing one of the fuses I'm thinking. Pull the radio and take apart the fuse holder on the power (red) wire. Driver side window stopped working (seems to be no power) same time the radio stopped working. My initial reaction was that the SCT was dead, but I decided to look up the fuse layout in the Owners Manual. Not sure where the others would be. 64. The small fuse up top is good. 75aces. Check the Fuses. Replace the radio in that case.

Attaching wiring diagrams to the message to help with repair, may need to be on PC platform to view. 7. disconnected battery for 10min. You should go to a junkyard and get the power outlet. No CD display on dash. anyway that is why the radio don't work .. 84 people found this helpful. Everything on this car is Factory. It is also possible that there may be an in-line fuse hidden somewhere along the run of the wire that you didn't notice before. 79K. The fuses are located in the upper driver's side corner. Ok I checked all of the grounds, bought a used but working computer with key, charged battery,checked all fuses and still have no power. 1. . Ans: To fix the radio fuse of your 2011 F150, figure out the right spot of the fuse box. Check these fuses: #8 (7.5A) in the Driver's Under-Dash Fuse/Relay Box and the #9 (15A) in the Paasenger's Under-Dash Fuse/Relay Box. Radio: 29: 20: . Fixed!

I'm not getting power to the VHF radio. If any of these do not work, take a final step and replace the radio. (the yellow cover doesnt come out all the way). AUTOMATIC. Connect the red one to the starter and the positive battery post. belt is tight. A forum community dedicated to Ford Power Stroke owners and enthusiasts. Need to find the fuse for the radio.

Apr 10, 2017. Pop the shifter cover and disconnect the power outlet and use your dmm to verify its getting power. The wireing diagram is in that thread use a multi meter to test the voltage of the wires. Fuse 31 - Radio Power. Check for Power at Head Unit. No corrosion or bent pins. I haven't checked the amp turn on lead yet.

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Nothing, - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic.

Only Chrysler radios all will work with or without an amp, regardless what they came with. When I pull the fuse in and out my radio still does the Sony beep, and it will still eject cd;s. No light at socket radio or glove box. I connected the black ground wire to the chassis. Oct 26, 2012. The number F1-17 fuse is the red/yellow power wire at the radio.

In the event that you find no power at the head unit, but there is power at the fuse block, you are probably dealing with a broken wire, so you will have to trace the power wire back to the source. same issue. Fuse 22 - Delayed Accessory Power. replaced with another 7.5 and voila radio and clock now working again!! The radio fuse is good. I have tried an aftermarket radio and no power on that as well. There is no power to my control wire for my starter all of the relays and fuses are good I replaced the park safety switch and the battery is good when I go to start the truck all the dash lights go out. First season with it.

obviously somthing before the fusebox is . 215,000 MILES. I recently installed an aftermarket radio in my sl2. Had battery replaced by shop. This is the radio fuse. The radio wire is hot all the time. ya as the above said pull the radio out. #1. Dec 14, 2011. i had the same/similar issue when running a power wire for a amp. Power door locks don't work unless key is in run position, remote doesn't work at all. Aug 20, 2016 Unplug the connector to the radio & test the red/white wire (from fuse 20 in the PDC) for constant 12v power. V frustrating. If these are bad and it trips the fuse again after replacing with a good fuse, check for coins in the CD player and a loose accessory socket. I checked the connections with a test light and i'm not getting any power from the . Today, the driver window started working.

Only show this user. My 2006 tacoma with orginal factory radio has no power to it and won't turn on. .

No power loss. 8) Check that power is getting to the radio. The battery has 14.5 volts. The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment near the .

If that's okay, try another switch. . Top. Stock Baby! 1 Answer. Posted by jakeatoms on Nov 18, 2010. You need to get to the harness at the back of the radio and check that there is power on the TWO 12V+ power wires and of course that there is a good earth (ground) as well on the appropriate harness connector wires. Dome light works only when key is on. If needed, take help form your Ford user manual guide. When GM and Ford radios use an amp, those radios must be used with an amp, and when they are not used with an amp, they cannot be used with an amp.

The other side goes to the cabin lights & other circuits fed from this fuse. When I plugged the left connector back in, power came to the . pull it out and flip the top up to access the fuse itself. There is another fuse for it under the hood, but it only powers the relay coil, so it shouldn't blow even if you overload the outlet. Ground and constant 12v good. Joe. Kicker Sub Dual 10's. Dirty/faulty fuse. new stereo still won't turn on. the inside the trunk side) right under the liner.

Feb 17, 2019 Glenn, only 2 possibilities, blown fuse, or broken wire. .

Horn Relay if Not Equipped with Truck Central Security Module: 36 Not Used: Advertisements. #15.


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Come join the discussion about diesel performance, modifications, EGR deletes, troubleshooting, lift kits, tires, wheels, maintenance, and more! Your grounds will be pin # 2 a black with ayellow tracer and pin # 6 a black wire with a green tracer if you have all of that then the radio has probably failed. Replace the fuse. 1) First, check that your ignition is switched on and that your radio fascia is attached correctly. Dec 30, 2010. If you have the 7 pin connector then your power wires are pin 1 a orange with a black tracer and pin # 3 a yellow with a green wire. Checked all fuses under dash and both compartments under hood-all are good. @Stephlandry Okay, bulbs good & no LED upgrades. 1993 chevy 1500 no power to radio or lighter. At the radio plug (with radio removed), I have my switched power but no voltage on the red/whitestripe wire. Only thing on display is "FORD FLEX" no clock or no power to radio. Radio still not working. It was fine. So, to make a long story short - I opened up the hood and located the "Audio System" fuse. The following steps may help to do that Hold the power button down At the same time hold, the right seek button too Keep holding the two buttons for up to 10 seconds until you see the ford logo on the screen.

Answer. 8. There are no relays for the radio power source, Juan.

Reset? But the car has no electricity anywhere. if I bypass the fuse box and put a jumper wire between the remote and 12V on the amp and connect that to the back of the stereo I get power to the stereo but only when the amp is on but to . Common Car Radio Problems. Gender: Male. What could this be? Re: my radio wont work fuses are good!!!! I managed to get the radio to power up. Advertisers' Marketplace! Its a manual transmission as well. Then test the pink wire (from fuse 14 in the fuse block) for 12v power when the key is on. I was going to ask if you actually saw the regular brake lights working.

If you determine that you actually don't have power then, you can start diagnosing why by checking the fuses. This video will show you the first place I start when diagnosing a no power to radio, location of radio fuse on a Honda Odyssey. Check the Unit for Protect Mode. This video will show you the first place I start when diagnosing a no power to radio, location of radio fuse on a Honda Odyssey. 2WD. Full Forum Listing. The fuses won't have power to either leg when the lights are off. I tapped fuse #13 (horn) by grinding the fuse and soldering the wire to it. Take the battery cables off of the battery. Disconnected or broken wire. 169,000 MILES. An Ohm meter would tell you if it was bad or not. I checked the fuse, and its good. If you have power and ground at the radio, there's no reason it shouldn't work. Everything else seems to work so far and I'm absolutely at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. fuses seem to be good. Radio not working (All Fuses are good) I've got. If it worked before you wired in the adaptor, you have a poor joint at the adaptor, or (most likely) a blown fuse Motor City Rick

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