gear vendors c4 overdrive

gear vendors c4 overdrive

GEAR VENDORS provides overdrive product to racing cars and trucks up to 2000hp and trucks towing heavy RV's up to 25,000lbs gcvw. Get Expert advice about your vehicle. 22-28% gains typical on all three speed automatics, plus all the other benefits of gear-splitting ratios etc. You certainly do not want to take out a 727 or 904 Mopar trans, or a c4 or c6 Ford ,or a TH350 or 400 GM, and put in the lighter duty 700R4 or even a 4l80E. STROKEXD. This question regarding the installation of a Gear Vendors Overdrive in a C3 seems to have died. That, and a 9" with 3.73 gears would be a great combo behind a 393 c.i. Go 4r70w. Add to Cart. Jan 26, 2002. Aug 10, 2015. stephen_wilson said: They cost a touch less than a GV overdrive. For me the advantage would be the overdrive. This is for a 67 Fairlane Ranchero with a 350 horsepower 302. NP205S-01 - Ford NP205 Transfer Case Gear Vendors Adapter W/Sleeve. I was going to install on my C4, but will now be going with a different transmission. The Gear Vendors overdrive unit bolts to the tailhousing of your transmission and only requires some simple wiring and a shortened driveshaft to operate. For Motorhomes with factory overdrive the big gains are in the ability to climb hills with better splits in the ratios. This is a superior alternative for most cars looking to go to a 3-speed. Talking with the manufacturer, you'd think there are thousands of C3s out there cruising around with their overdrive units installed. The T5/A5 has a .63 or .59 ratio, which is much better than that .78 . When you are ready to shift, move the gear selector into second---just as you feel the shift occur depress the GV foot switch. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Gear Vendors under/overdrive, Application Guide Hot Rods 3-Speed Automatic Transmissions. 4wd, so changing gears might be just as expensive. "The GEAR VENDORS in combination with the Powerglide is an affordable, reliable, and very efficient package. We ship Australia wide at competitive rates. I want one, I gotta have one but I can't afford one!!!! Quick View. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. The moment you bolt a GEAR VENDORS to your 4 speed you have not only added the strongest overdrive gear but one that can also fix any wide ratio issues with M20 or T10 transmissions for a true six speed. Also all the 4 speed trannys will get a full throttle clutchless shift you can use at any moment on the street or strip. The Ford AOD is know to be weak, so a C4 with a bolt on overdrive should be stronger. 28% faster cruising gear nets a typical 22-28% improvement in fuel mileage. So after everything was ok I went for about a 100 mile trip and normally I would be going about 3500-3600 RPM between 67-70. ADD to CART. This deactivates the GV and you are in 2nd direct. 1 - 15 of 15 Posts.

Thread starter 78_200_C4; Start date Mar 20, 2022; 7. Scoot_66 said: Hey guys, I'm knee deep in an engine rebuild and the guys at my local machine shop advised me to look into upgrading my '66 289's stock C4 Transmission to a transmission with an overdrive gear to reduce strain on the engine at highway speeds and to make the car easier to live with. 1,289 Followers, 397 Following, 26 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Abdou A. Traya (@abdoualittlebit) CLICK HERE for More Details Part Number: T2-3-8251HP: $185.00. License Repairer # MRB88085. We decided to give the 700R4 and Gear Vendors combo a try to see if we can get a better gear range for autocross use. It is a big unit the Gear Vendors over/underdrive unit. 1) heavier, less efficient than C4,C6,FMX (more parasitic loss) 2) requires mods for big blocks or high power applications. 1356 BOY - Ford BW1356 Transfer Case Gear Vendors Adapter Bolt on Yoke (Good Used) NP205S-01. Without factory overdrive you absolutely need a GEAR VENDORS. Please consider creating a new thread. What are your experience with this unit? Has anyone done it? Mar 20, 2022 #1 Attachments. So a C4 ends up with 6 ratios: 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3 and an overdrive. RGS0907 New Member. The GEAR VENDORS will shift on and off without attention of the driver and can be used while towing up to combined weights of 30,000 Comes with new tailshaft adapter, slip yoke, and other new parts. $577.50. - .php cgi-bin admin images search includes .html cache wp-admin plugins modules wp-includes login themes templates index js xmlrpc wp-content media tmp lan.. 67 Mustang Coupe 289 2v C4 8" Rear Front Disc and Pertronix Upgrade Weekend Driver. T19-01. Maintenance is no big deal, neighbor has a 2 post lift in his pole barn. FORD 3-Speed Automatic Truck/Motorhome. This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be reviving an old thread. *Speedometer Gear Calculator (1) *Speedometer Gears, Speedometer World (141) Accumulators & Parts (55) Adapters (146) Bands (76) I think the net cost is close to the same. The OD ratio of the GearVenders unit is .78:1 and you can engagement the OD of the unit in any gear of the manual transmission at full throttle. The Ford C4 and C6 transmissions are two of the best performing, most durable transmission Gear Vendors has a section in the book on what to look for on your first test drive. C6S-02 - Ford C6 Transmission Gear Vendors Adapter W/Sleeve (Good Used) $729.75. small block in a slammed mid-'60s cruiser. Email here. Unless you are doing a lot of highway driving an OD is not needed. A gear vendors overdrive unit will bolt on to your c4. There is no such animal as a "C4OD" nor any C4-based overdrive automatic. Also, until the eighties virtually ALL vehicles with automatics had non-overdrive transmissions and their engines weren't "strained" at all. CLICK HERE for More Details Part Number: SY30-32-CB-GV: $145.95. I think if the overdrive unit can withstand a 6-sec drag car it can stand anything I can throw at it. Aug 15, 2020. C6 trans with gear vendors overdrive - $3700 (Hershey) For sale a small block c6 ford transmission and j type gear vendors overdrive. IMG_0048.JPG. The unit has an 0.778:1 drive ratio. It comes with an extension housing for the th400 like if you were going to bolt it to a transfer case. Sonnax 72960-16K 68RFE Smart-Tech Overdrive Clutch Housing Kit. If you use your truck to tow heavy you really dont want those 3.55s.

O/D unit is used and in good condition. The Gear Vendors offers a 22 percent overdrive, turning our 373 gear into a 2.91:1 final drive. for climbing hills and towing. And then the gear vendors bolts into that. .. that bolts to the rear of an auto and effectively gives you an overdrive ratio, but also gives you split shifts between the gears. My Gear Vendor overdrive drives me nuts. If you're fond of the sound of First gear in an old close-ratio Top Loader or that soft whine of the First gear planetaries in a classic C4 Cruise-O-Matic, Gear Vendors' overdrive unit is As you gain speed the vehicle will automatically be shifted into 1st over. The GEAR VENDORS .78 to 1 ratio allows you to go to a numerically higher rear gear to improve your 60ft. may world peace then gear vendor, O.K. E4OD-01. Save Share. It has more bugs than coastal Guatemala and now it is leaking fluid. Option 1. Reasons for a gear vendors-.

A GEAR VENDORS will handle 1200+ horsepower reliably and is under warranty even at the dragstrip. I'll need to get one built that will handle 650-700 hp ( which should be pretty close to where I land with turbo). The best part of having a Gear Vendors under/overdrive in the truck is that it turned the Turbo 400 transmission into a six-speed. Rebuild my C-4 myself and then add on a Gear Vendor unit for $2300. Aug 21, 2003 429 1 0 New Jersey (numberically) ring & pinion and go to a larger diameter wheel and tire for less than the cost of an AOD or Gear Vendors setup. 2) double the number of gears. Call us at 800-999-9555. 1) Works with any transmission or engine. OE Clutch Drum Number 68029262AA C4 to AOD Swap Kit, 1965 to 1973 Classic Mustangs / AOD Conversion Kit / AOD TV Cable Adjustment. Hot Rodding is making improvements not compromising performance. I also get to keep my c4 that I've invested a fair amount in. I seen a used one off a show car for $1000.00, too much risk for that knida of money. 3) funky manual gear selection. Barrel Diameter Dimension #2 = 1 Reply. I took a few picture of it while under the truck recently.. Both were rebuilt. GEAR VENDORS provides overdrive product to racing cars and trucks up to 2000hp and trucks towing heavy RVs up to 25,000lbs gcvw. High Gear: Overdrive FIRE two energy lines forward on the ground that extends a short distance or until they hit a surface. Reasons against an AOD-. But it is not very reliable. Although sometimes defined as "an electronic version of a printed book", some e-books exist without a printed equivalent.

They claim the unit I would get for a C-4 is the same overdrive used in some 6-second 1/4 mile drag cars without a failure. Gear Vendors Inc. Gear Vendors produce aftermarket overdrive and underdrive products for the automotive market. Whether you are trying to move a couple tons up a steep incline or moving just a couple thousand down the track the fastest way is with the right gearing. GEAR VENDORS is the strongest overdrive you can buy because that is what our company has always intended to build. 78_200_C4 Well-known member. Add to Compare. You may choose the 'older' established 0-127 system as well for use with older MIDI gear. Nov 2, 2017. Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbols; C6-01 - Ford C6 Transmission Gear Vendors Adapter. Everyone else is right, it would be a lot cheaper to just swap to 3.55 gears but if the price of a GV isnt too much of a deal breaker, it is better. Gear Vendors overdrive for C4 transmission. The GV would give me a .78 overdrive. Sounded very good but also expensive. T19-01 - Ford T19 Transmission Gear Vendors Adapter (Good Used) 1356-BOY. Visit our Showroom at 2/308 Victoria Road in Malaga. Because we like life in the fast lane, and certainly appreciate better fuel economy, we decided to install a Gear Vendors in the Camaro.

The ratios of the M23W that I used were: 2.568:1 - 1.908:1 - 1.366:1 - 1.00:1 for an even RPM drop through all 4 gears. Quick View. I would be right around $3000 for the rebuilt C-4, new converter, new shifter, and the GV. Speed limit on most of the roads is 70/75 mph, and 99% flat. All I want for Christmas is a gear vendor, O.K. It'll give you the overdrive you want, at less cost than adapting some oddball overdrive to your C4. They installed an under/overdrive unit in the car. FORD 3-Speed Automatic Muscle Car / Street Rod / Restoration. The lines rise into walls of static electricity that block vision and damage enemies passing through them. This is part 1 showing the attachment of the GearVendors unit onto the Performance Automatic SuperComp C4. With the GEAR VENDORS dashswitch in auto you will have automatic overdrive just like the vehicle came with a factory system. times and get it all back with the overdrive. By adding a Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive to these transmissions you have an unbeatable package far superior to any factory overdrive automatic and with 6 close ratio gears Continue reading 3) very strong. When it is working, it performs magnificently - increasing MPG by at least 1.5 MPG by itself and enabling aero improvements to the truck to bear fruit,. I just checked, 70 mph is 1800 rpm with the GV on, 4.10 gears, stock size 215/85/16 tires. SONNAX T2-3-8251HP FORGED 1310 SLIP YOKE Fits FORD C4, Top Loader and Borg Warner T5 with 28 spline output - FREE SHIPPING. C6-01. Fill out our contact form with your questions or phone (08) 9248 9958 | M: 0417 911 702. The Ultimate in Horsepower Handling and Performance. Add to Compare. Buy a gear vendors unit for the c4 to give me 6 gears, a nice overdrive and hopefully not have to modify the trans tunnel. Will work great in classic car, a truck, or street rod. ADD to CART. The thing I don't like about GV is besides being very expensive, and adding lots of weight, they don't have a very steep OD ratio. Gear Vendors Overdrive 1330 Series Slip Yoke 32 spline.

This lowered the tach readout at 70 mph from 3700 to 3100 rpm, making our Camaro SS far more freeway friendly. After installing I ran 2800-2900RPMs at 67-70. Counterbored the correct depth to fit exactly as required. 1350 Series 32 spline transmission slip yoke designed to fit Gear Vendors Overdrive. Running 800 miles empty, returning with 12,000# between truck and trailer. As far as strength goes I talked direct with the guys at Gear Vendor and they claim the overdrive unit is very stout. Yeah love the Gear Vendor overdrive, my dad has one in his 40 Ford and the ability to auto shift makes it a true six speed automatic experience. Brand new this system is Since my car will be a daily driver having overdrive is a must. While the 66 Chevelle was out on the west coast it spent some time at the Gear Vendors shop. A gear vendors is the stuff!!!! Place the gear selector in low and ensure the red light is on. Talking with C3 experts, however, tells a different story. 2. IN STOCK I see that Hamlitt, and maybe a couple of others are running a Gear Vendors unit behind a C4. Gear Vendor Overdrive Early Falcon 200, C4. A Gear Vendors will handle more horsepower, deliver bigger performance gains, give you guaranteed trouble-free performance, and install easier than any other overdrive available. Apr 5, 2002. there was an attical in Mustang Monthly about a year ago (or so, don't remember right now) that went into detail on a bolt-in overdrive. C6 kevlar band transgo shift kit extra clutches, gear vendors new drum and clutch, higher line pressure,etc. The Ford C4 and C6 transmissions are two of the best performing, most durable transmission ever built. By adding a Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive to these transmissions you have an unbeatable package far superior to any factory overdrive automatic and with 6 close ratio gears for performance. Drive Vendors: Finding suitable drives (especially those with low enough power consumption to be used as an internal drive for the K2000 keyboard and rack) can be very difficult these days. The Gear Vendor Under/Overdrive is actually a planetary overdrive featuring a 22-percent overdrive, or in other words, a 0.78:1 gear ratio that stacks onto the back of whatever transmission or transfer case is in your vehicle. E4OD-01 W/Sensor- Ford 2wd E4OD Transmission Gear Vendors adapter 1998-02. FORD 3-Speed Automatic Muscle Car / Street Rod / Restoration The Ford C4 and C6 transmissions are two of the best performing, most durable transmission ever built. 1137 Projects 1137 incoming 1137 knowledgeable 1137 meanings 1137 1136 demonstrations 1136 escaped 1136 notification 1136 FAIR 1136 Hmm 1136 CrossRef 1135 arrange 1135 LP 1135 forty 1135 suburban 1135 GW 1135 herein 1135 intriguing 1134 Move 1134 Reynolds 1134 positioned 1134 didnt 1134 int 1133 Chamber 1133 termination 1133 overlapping 1132 Length to center of u-joint Dimension #1 = 5 1/2 inches. Also they have a section in there for trouble shooting. maybe a million dollars, world peace then a gear vendors. An ebook (short for electronic book), also known as an e-book or eBook, is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices.

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