6 Ways to Make LinkedIn Work for Your Business

LinkedIn is more than just a place to post your profile and forget about it.

You can be more visible on LinkedIn without devoting an enormous amount of time to it.

Connections are strengthened when you interact and share ideas and information.

A solid network is vital to growing your business.

Here are 6 ways to increase your presence on LinkedIn.

  1. Give Recommendations. Post a recommendation for someone you are connected to. A key element of effective networking is to give first. And you never know, someone else may feel compelled to write a recommendation for you. This is not the reason you do it, just a possible outcome.
  2. Give Endorsements. Give people you know endorsements. When you visit the profile of one of your connections, you will see an option to endorse their skills. This is a fast and easy way to support people whose work you value.
  3. Join Groups. You can join a lot of groups. Click on Home icon on the top of your page, then type in the search bar groups, and then click on more and then click on groups. This will give you a list of possible groups for you to join.
  4. See who has viewed your profile. Check out who has been looking at your profile. This is located on the left and is under the heading “Who’s viewed your profile” and if you click on it you can see a list. You may find that you know people who are looking at your profile and you can then invite them to connect.
  5. Share valuable content. Update your status daily, a few times weekly or as often as possible. You can share quotes, interesting links to articles and websites. This positions you as a resource and keeps your business visible.
  6. Add New Connections. Invite people to connect with you. I know this seems ridiculous to mention but often people get into a reactive mode and wait for others to ask them to connect.

If you meet someone and exchange contact details you can search Google using the keywords of their name and see if they are already on LinkedIn. If they are, you can then send them an invitation to connect.

The important thing though is to personalize your invitation instead of using LinkedIn’s standard text. It only takes a few seconds and it does make a big difference.


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