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Ken Varga“What Would It Be Worth To You to Receive
Instructions On How To Get An Avalanche Of New Clients From Someone Responsible for Creating Over 6 Million Customers Of His Own In 35 Businesses and Selling His Last Two Companies For Over 9 Figures Each?”

What if your investment in your success to do this was ONLY $20? Here’s a chance for you to get your nagging “customer-getting” questions answered by one of the best minds in marketing. If your business is stagnating, growth is slowing, or profits are dropping, this is your opportunity to do something about it. These problems are fixable and when done right your profits will explode!

From: Ken Varga
Wall, NJ

Dear Friend,

I presume you work hard and have worked hard. You haven’t been shirking your duties as a business owner. You most likely have even been sacrificing!

That is the story of a lot of my clients that I have known. If you want to make significant changes and make a better business life and make a lot more money, you must come to realize something very fundamental…that Marketing is your Key…the RIGHT kind of marketing.

Also, YOU are NOT a business owner…you are a MARKETER of your business.

You can have years and years of experience in what you do, but if you don’t have anyone to talk to, what good is that?

From the headline, you know a little about me and that I know how to create customers. Well, to help you succeed, I would like to invite you to do your due diligence and see that I am the real deal and give me a “test drive” for 2 months by having access to my new group coaching program:

“Flooding Your Business With Customer$”

Zero RIsk!For just $20.00 EACH MONTH!! That’s it. $20.00 per month.

So as you can see, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I want you to understand I have helped THOUSANDS of business owners become “one of the few” who will grow their business year in and year out and make a lot more money. If you are looking for a BIG difference in your results, you have come to the right place because this coaching program is the most important thing you will ever do to create customers.


Because it works…Period… End of story!

Here’s what you get with this access:

A monthly Module jam-packed with ‘tested in the trenches’ strategies that work…Each one is voluminous and will become your Prospecting Bible. Each one builds on the next and are laid out in a way so you can organize your marketing very strategically. They will help you improve your results in flooding your business with clients.
VALUE: $1,297.00

Monthly live Question & Answer coaching call to cover the current month’s module. On this call I will answer any questions you have about flooding your business with customers. You’ll get to learn what challenges your colleagues are also facing and how you too can conquer those challenges.
VALUE: $2,497.00

Access to download the coaching calls after they happen, so you can listen to them at your convenience.
VALUE: $1,167.00

Now this is a REAL $4,961 Value to you for the $20 you would spend. You’ll see when you start getting the modules.

So about now maybe your saying to your self, why am I even bothering to do this if I am as well off as I say in the headline…why would I bother to even want to spend time doing this?

That’s easy…

After I sold my last business, I thought I was ready to ‘get out’ of business and retire. After 4 years of reading, leisure, travel and doing everything else I loved to do, I found out I was wrong because I was bored and needed a new goal, which is always how I lived…set a goal, achieve it, set a bigger goal, achieve it, etc.

So I decided about a year or two back to start utilizing the benefits of technology and the internet and putting my knowledge to work again and help business owners to succeed like I did. Hence, this new program.

Hear this before we go further…

We are not just talking about the nuts ‘n bolts of a business here, nor should you be looking just at cost or even to recoup your investment – which is pretty nominal for what you will be getting, and I will probably be raising the price soon anyway because of that!

What we are dealing with is something much, much bigger.

We’re dealing with the way you will choose to spend the rest of your life. And if you find that worth less than this fee, then it would be prudent to just skip this program.

YOU WILL NO LONGER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT TO DO TO CREATE CUSTOMERS…and because of this – if you join me – I have to ask you NOT to share the ideas I share with you with others. You’ll be cutting your own throat!

Now please understand, I am doing this as a business, not a charity. I am giving a lot of value to you for a small sum. In turn, I am not going to baby sit anybody. We are all adults here and if you want my help, I am willing to work with you, but YOU have to be willing to put in the time you need to succeed. I can offer you a lot of shortcuts, but you have to make a commitment to YOURSELF, not me.

You probably tip more than that each month! You should invest $20 per month in building your business. I would like to personally invite you to be a part of it.

Click Here NOW!  if you want “in” and go ahead with taking your next step that can change your Business forever!

To your success,
Ken Varga

PS: A word of caution…

Because of the nature of being a business owner – to make our own schedule, we are very susceptible to the insidious emotional cancer of PROCRASTINATION.Hurry

I have found that when a business owner knows that something is the right thing to do, but requires spending some sum of money they’d rather not spend or making a commitment that they would rather not make, they play a game with themselves…they set everything aside to “think it over”.

I’ll tell you this, successful business owners do NOT engage in these mind games and delays. They act.

So Click Here to act Right NOW to bring your business to the next level…FAST!